Your Business Guide to the Holiday Shopping Season

December 18, 2018 Staples Business Advantage

November through Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for retailers. To maximize profits and get the most out of this opportunity, use expert insights to plan and help boost your holiday sales.

Become a Neighbourhood Champion

Neighborhood Champions are businesses, entrepreneurs, the local chamber of commerce and other community organizers that work together to plan events and activities for Small Business Saturday. Sponsored by American Express, this event takes place every year on the third Saturday in November. The goal is to get the community to rally around and support local small businesses. Vendors and shops may set up a booth and sell products and promote their wares.

Participate in Local Events

Organizations like Business in Action frequently hold holiday events in towns throughout Canada. These events might include parades, dancers and even Santa. Use the event as an opportunity to promote your products. Sign up for a booth or table and hold a Christmas sale. If you can’t find a local event, consider hosting your own and invite other small businesses to participate.

Create Social Media Buzz

From blogging and video sharing to social networking and business social pages, social media is an excellent way to find and engage new customers. According to Statista, the numbers of social network users in Canada in 2017 amounted to approximately 22.69 million. Encourage customers to interact with your company on social media. Be sure to share the promotions across multiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reach the largest numbers.

Offer Bonuses

Shoppers are always looking for ways to save, especially during the holidays. Offer more for their money by handing out discounts or a percentage bonus for those who purchase gift cards or provide incentives and extra discounts for those who shop on certain days. The higher the discount, the better because most shoppers will compare prices.

Hold Seasonal Sales

Sales are always a way to bring in customers. Hold a one-day sale with big discounts, deliver a free item when someone spends a certain amount of money and make sure any discounts or sales are worth your customers while.

Whether you choose one marketing strategy or employ several, there are many ways you can boost sales and get new and existing customers in your business for the holidays. Make the holidays special and use every day as an opportunity to reach out.

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Regardless of your beliefs, these are some excellent principles to live by and to run your company by.