The State of Today’s Workplace

April 18, 2016 staplesadvantagecanada

As Staples Business Advantage reported last month, there are a number of changes taking place in workplaces across the globe that are affecting the way we do business: from cyber security concerns, to office culture, increases in work load to workplace flexibility. The overall conclusion is that businesses need to recognize these shifts and make the necessary changes in order to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

One of the biggest takeaways to consider is the significance in office space design and the importance of planning office space to fit a company’s needs, goals and culture:

“As businesses seek to create the optimal workplaces for their talent, there are a lot of factors at play. Jenya Adler, Director of Workplace Strategy and Michelle Boolton, Director of Interior Design for Staples Business Advantage, shared great insights on why, even at a time when office real estate is shrinking, space matters. And as companies seek to make the most of their space, the experts are quick to caution that trends aren’t everything—it’s important that a business plan its space and design carefully to fit its unique needs, goals and culture. What’s hot and trendy today might be passé tomorrow, but your business strategy and workplace culture won’t be.”

In short: whether you’re contemplating an open office concept or adding collaboration breakout rooms, creating a quiet zone or introducing outdoor work space, each business must always keep their goals and culture at the centre of the design strategy in order to properly meet the needs of the specific workplace.

Discover more about Staples Business Advantage’s report on the State of the Workplace here.

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