Random Acts of Kindness to Perk Up Your Workplace

October 30, 2018 staplesbusinessadvantagecanada

Employee happiness at work is linked to increased productivity, low turnover rates and even company success. Random acts of kindness are one way to help employees feel appreciated and to motivate them to do more. It’s also an added plus to encourage staff members to join in and deliver random acts for co-workers because it often feels better to give than receive.

Leave Small Gifts

Take note of the co-worker who has a candy dish, and fill the dish with their favourite candy after they’ve left for the day. Purchase coloured pens for the individual who loves jotting notes in a rainbow of hues. Fill an office with balloons or other decorations on unofficial holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. Make the gifts random and secretive for the best effect.

Reach Out to the Community

Encourage employees to reach out to the community with random acts of kindness. This could include carrying groceries to someone’s car, cleaning the snow off a front stoop or purchasing lunch for a stranger. The goal is to document the random act, and the company will choose at least one person to reward with a gift card or monetary award for the kindest act.

Send Random Encouragement

Take the time to send encouraging texts at the start of each day. Cheer your team on during a big project or when someone is meeting with a new client. Jot a quick note of appreciation for a job well done, or simply thank someone for being consistent. A simple kind word can mean a lot to someone who’s struggling.

Offer Random Recognition

Encourage everyone at the next team meeting to identify someone they appreciate. Also, be sure to call someone out who consistently works behind the scenes for a job well done. Offer small rewards such as a gift card or printed award certificate. This gives everyone an opportunity to shine and encourages employees to help others in hopes of peer recognition.

Programs and company cultures that work to serve the greater good help keep employees happy and benefit the company as a whole. By initiating random acts of kindness in the workplace, you help create a place that everyone is proud to be a part of.







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