Is Your Workplace Safe?

August 14, 2015 staplesadvantagecanada

Safety in the workplace affects everyone. From being armed with the right equipment to do a job safely, to parking lot hazards and evacuation procedures, all employees have the right to feel safe and should be fully aware of your company’s safety controls and measures.

But that’s not quite the case. According to a recent Staples Advantage survey, almost 30% of employees weren’t aware if they had a safety expert onsite, while another 20% said their offices don’t communicate safety plans effectively.

Working indoors or sitting at a desk may feel like a safe working environment, but there are many other safety measures to take into consideration. Air quality, trip hazards, safety protocols, and security measures, to name a few, must all be taken seriously and audited on an ongoing basis.

Use the Room to Room Checklist below to take a quick audit of the basic essentials so that you can ensure you’re better prepared to avoid any major health, safety or security risks.

Click on image for full printable version.

Room to Room Checklist

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