Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life-Balance

November 28, 2017 staplesbusinessadvantagecanada

Maintaining the proper work-life balance is important, but it is easier said than done. With so many of us working more hours than ever before, taking time for ourselves often seems like a pipe dream.

Even so, it is important for workers to take time for themselves and improve their lives. The time you invest into this self-improvement can actually help you in your career while reducing your stress level significantly. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your work-life-balance.

  1. Keep Learning

Lifelong learning is an essential part of the modern workplace. If you are not constantly learning new things, you risk getting left behind and losing ground to coworkers.

Ask your employer for recommendations on courses you could take, books you could read and online resources you could use to improve your performance and advance your career. You can also seek out resources on your own, from online classes offered by the local community college to books you can check out of the public library.

  1. Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Even if retirement is years away, it never hurts to assess your retirement readiness and the current state of your finances. You might find that you are in better shape than you thought, and that revelation could have a profound impact on your work-life balance.

If your finances allow, you could seek out part-time opportunities with your current employer and do a phased-in retirement. That strategy allows you to earn and income and build up your nest egg while allowing you to ease into retirement. If your finances are not quite so robust, you can take the opportunity to save more money and get ready for a traditional retirement.

  1. Help Someone Else

Nothing makes us feel better than helping someone in need. Helping someone else will make you feel great and give you a newfound sense of purpose. If your office participates in a holiday food or toy drive, make plans to participate. If not, think about starting one.

You can also participate in charity drives at church, or adopt a needy family on your own. There are literally hundreds of ways to give back this holiday season and now is a great time to get started.

Maintaining the proper work-life balance is not always easy, but it is important. With so many people working harder than ever before, balancing the needs of employers and families is only going to get harder. Learning how to keep things in balance is an essential survival strategy in the modern world.


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