3 Useful Tips for Morale-Building Office Activities

January 15, 2019 Staples Business Advantage

Regardless of the size of your company, team building is an important investment to make. Incorporating team building exercises into your company's everyday culture results in improved morale and increased employee engagement, which, in most cases, leads to an overall increase in revenue.

While the thought of team building often conjures up images of company retreats full of three-legged races and awkward small talk with "Bob from accounting," these sitcom-worthy scenarios are often far from reality. The truth is, you can easily incorporate morale-boosting activities into your daily or weekly schedule that staff can participate in right in the office. The tips that follow will help you create easy team-building exercises that work best for both your business and your employees.

Think Outside the Box

Morale boosting exercises don't always have to be large group activities that interrupt the workday. Instead, consider off-site activities outside of business hours such as sponsoring an employee sports team, celebrating successes and milestones with employee dinners or assembling a group of employees to volunteer time at a local charity. Starting an employee book club is a great way to boost morale. This activity can help those who participate to improve communication skills and has been known to improve employee performance.

Make Team-Building a Regular Part of Your Office Routine

Even though team building can have enormous benefits for departments that have communication problems, it's important to remember that all employees can benefit from a morale boost from time to time. In addition to improving communication and building trust between team members, these exercises can identify strengths and uncover leadership potential in employees that you may not otherwise see.

Plan Morale-Building Activities That Suit Your Employees

One of the most crucial parts of team-building is ensuring that you create exercises and activities your employees want to participate in. For example, if you work in a fast-paced environment where employees are frequently working long shifts or overtime, it's unlikely that they'll want to spend their downtime participating in work-related events. Often the best way to find activities that suit your company culture best is to hire a team-building consultant. Consultants can meet with you and your team to develop a program that will boost the morale in your office and, ultimately, help you to decrease turnover and increase revenue.

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