Top Tier App Management Tips

February 12, 2016

Are you taking valuable minutes sorting through your apps collection every day? Here are some tips to help you get organized.

' When your mobile device or laptop begins to look like the digital version of Hoarders, it might be time for some intervention. Fortunately, there are ways to take control. Here are a few options to clean up your apps '

• Organize by action instead of category. As detailed by tips site Lifehacker, a good management system can depend on how you use apps, rather than their general category. For example, social media can be grouped under “share” and games under “play.” This creates a more intuitive system based on how you use the apps.


• Take time to create folders. Depending on the platform, you‘ll have organization tools already built into the system, so take advantage of those resources. Although the process can be tedious, it will pay off in saved time when you‘re looking for a specific app.


• Clean out the clutter. Maybe there‘s an app that you used to love, but never access anymore, or a game that‘s lost its luster. While you‘re shuffling apps to various files, be ruthless in removing less-used apps. If you‘re unsure of what to delete, sort apps by size and see what‘s taking up the most space. Then determine if they‘re worth the storage.
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