Top Tech Tools for Working from Home

Working remotely saves both the employer and the employees time and money. For the employer, remote workers tend to be happier and more productive than their office counterparts. Employees can balance work and life much easier and save money due to reduced travel requirements. Whether you're working from home out of necessity or because you're like 47% of Canadians whose company has adapted a flexible work culture, some top tech tools can make your tasks easier.

Team Collaboration

Whether chatting with one another about an upcoming project or holding meetings to keep staff members engaged, team collaboration tools keep teams connected.

Slack: For traditional chats and video calls between teammates, Slack offers a free plan for small teams and paid plans for larger groups. The free plan lets you integrate 10 additional apps, such as Google Drive and Office 365. Use chat to discuss clients, workloads or daily to-dos between teams or send private messages to other participants.

Zoom: Zoom is a way to hold remote meetings for employees. The free plan accommodates up to 100 participants and allows an unlimited number of meetings up to 40 minutes. For longer meetings or larger groups, the app has a choice of monthly memberships.

Project Management

Reaching company goals and coordinating team members' responsibilities on a specific project can be challenging with remote workers. Project management apps keep team members on track, monitor progress and make it easier to know where you are in terms of reaching completion.

Asana: Asana stores spreadsheets, tracks and manages emails between members, lets you set deadlines and monitor progress, and map out goals and prioritize tasks from start to finish. The basic plan is free to try, and the company offers paid memberships for larger groups.

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop apps let you retrieve information stored on your office computer from home. A remote application can also give you extra processing power or the capacity to run applications you don't have the room for on a home computer.

TeamViewer: TeamViewer is a free remote desktop app available for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Linux devices. The software must be installed on both the receiving computer and the computer being accessed, but it supports screen share, which is ideal if a remote worker needs IT assistance with anything technical.

Staying connected with remote workers is essential to the success of any company. Managed applications help you stay productive and keep you connected with your company's agenda and your coworkers.


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