Digitize Your Productivity

October 20, 2016 Amanda Wedgewood

In an age of environmental consciousness, remote workers and cost-cutting, going paperless isn’t only popular—it’s becoming essential. From faster, more efficient solutions to improved document security, it’s easier than you think to bring your business into the 21st century.

Here are just a few ways you can digitize your office today.

Give amazing presentations.
With interactive projectors, turn any surface into a dynamic presentation or brainstorming tool that you can easily save and share with colleagues.

Write digitally.
Instead of handwriting notes and transcribing them onto your computer later, take notes with a digital pen that automatically turns your notes into editable text you can work with right away.

Meet easier.
When you use a tablet to share ideas during client meetings, you avoid carrying cumbersome paper piles.

Scan on the go.
Bring a compact mobile scanner with you on the road and instantly back up hard copies of important documents.

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