Health & Safety at Work

July 12, 2018 staplesbusinessadvantagecanada


Everyone has the right to enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. Whether you want to make sure you have all the basics covered or you want to delve deeper into a certain health and safety area, check out our four workplace safety tips to improve the health and overall well-being of your workforce.

1. Know the Hazards

The easiest way to reduce the risk of workplace-related injury or illness is to be aware of the potential hazards your company faces. Staples Business Advantage asked its Canadian employees through a workplace survey about their opinions on various topics, including health and safety at work and what they deem to be important. Results from surveys like these can help you figure out what to focus on in a health and safety program.

2. Look for Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

In the Staples Workplace Employee Survey, 72 percent of employees say that stress depletes work health and vitality, and 60 percent believe that experiencing stress at work inhibits learning and growth. Research supports these findings: Job stress has been linked to health problems, higher health care costs and increased risk of workplace accidents.

Try these strategies to help reduce workplace stress:

  • Encourage movement: Taking frequent walks can make a difference in employee productivity.
  • Foster positive relationships among coworkers.
  • Make it easy for employees to eat nutritious foods throughout the day.
  • Provide a wellness room.
  • Support taking mental health days and vacations when employees need a break and are stretched too thin.

3. Create a Wellness Room

A wellness room can be a great way to combat work-related stress and help workers recharge. Here are some examples of what might be included in a wellness room:

  • Comfortable seating
  • General privacy
  • A refrigerator and sink

4. Recognize the Employers’ Responsibility in Health and Safety

A big takeaway from the Workplace Employee Survey is that 81 percent of employees expect their employers to take measures to keep them mentally and physically well. While employees certainly have to take some responsibility, employers can make positive changes to ensure their employees’ health and wellness needs are met.


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