Tips For Achieving Wellness In Your Home Office

October 15, 2020 Staples Business Advantage

Working from home comes naturally to some people, but others struggle a little more since they don’t have the social interaction and benefits of going into the office. Being thrust into the work from home lifestyle isn’t easy, even under the best of circumstances. Trying to deal with that along with the changes of the pandemic might be overwhelming.

Finding ways to boost your wellness while you work at home is beneficial. You’re likely spending a lot of time getting your work duties done, so focusing on the remote working experience is a good place to start the journey to wellness while working from home.

Set Up a Dedicated Work Area

Having a dedicated workspace to associate with work helps you focus on those tasks at hand when you’re there. Make sure you have good lighting in the area so you can clearly see any paperwork you have to do. Proper lighting also reduces the chance that you’ll have to deal with eyestrain if you’re looking at a computer monitor during your work times.

Use Ergonomic Equipment

Keeping your body healthy is a big part of achieving and maintaining wellness. Find ergonomic equipment to help you avoid things like carpal tunnel syndrome from wrist fatigue due to typing often. Check your chair, desk, mouse, and keyboard to ensure everything is at the proper height and ready to help you be productive.

Write Out Your Schedule

Trying to work when you don’t have a plan can increase your stress. Try to write out a schedule for yourself or at least a to-do list the night before. When you get to your home office space, you’ll already know what needs to be done and get started without having to waste any time.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks from work can boost your mental health. Use this time to get away from your home office area and even plan outings out of the house. Grab a healthy snack and move around a bit. Planning these breaks throughout your day can help you to stay focused on work so you can enjoy your time off.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions are a big issue for home-based workers. Try to keep these to a minimum by using noise-cancelling headphones and making it clear to others in the home that you’re working. Use blocking programs to keep you off social media sites and other places where you might waste time when you should be working.

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