The digital camera dilemma

February 12, 2016

Choosing between a digital camera and a camera phone may seem like a no-brainer, but considering how you’ll use your camera for your business can determine which path you choose.

Sharing your photos.

If you’ll be using pictures on printed marketing materials, a good digital camera will give you ideal print quality. But if you’re most interested in snapping and sharing your pictures digitally, a camera phone’s capabilities may be enough.

Your subject.

If you want to capture a product’s details or shoot in special lighting, a more sophisticated camera will yield better results.


There’s no arguing that camera phones’ portability and size are convenient. Digital cameras may be bulkier, but some come with the flexibility to change lenses, attach a tripod, and carry backup battery power.

Wi-Fi capabilities.

For shooting and sharing instantly, a camera phone is your best bet, although many digital cameras have Wi-Fi capability through nearby networks or hotspots.


Projector Overall, camera phones are less expensive. But if you take all the factors into consideration, like image quality and versatility, paying a bit more for a digital camera might be right for your business.
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