Simple Ways To Boost Morale For Remote Employees

September 11, 2020 Staples Business Advantage

Keeping remote employees engaged and focused on their work duties can be a challenge. Working to boost their morale despite them not coming together in the same location means you’ll have to get creative.

One of the most important things to remember is that you have to let your team know you appreciate them. Trying to shift to remote working during a global pandemic isn’t easy, so take that into consideration when you’re coming up with your plan.

Have Regular Team Meetings That Include Mission and Vision Reminders

Regular team meetings via a video chat can help to remind everyone they’re part of a team. This is a good chance to remind them of the company’s vision and to help them find ways to continue working to satisfy the company’s mission statement.

During these meetings, you can find out what challenges they’re facing and determine if there are ways you can help. Consider scheduling time for brainstorming with the team to find ways to make things work better remotely.

Focus on Continuing Development of Remote Workers

Being in an office with someone gives you an opportunity to watch them and provide feedback. Remote workers usually can’t be monitored in that manner, so you’ll need to find ways to help them develop their skills. One option for this is scheduling continuing education sessions with the team. Mini-sessions periodically for one-on-one development can also help. Try to keep these sessions positive to help them stay motivated.

Encourage Team Building Through Virtual Socialization Options

Virtual socialization can help the entire team keep their morale up. Meeting up for drinks or dinner via Zoom or another service may be beneficial. You can also have Friday Wins or something similar to celebrate the good things that happened during the week.

Reward Hardworking Remote Workers

Workers who feel appreciated will have better morale than those who feel they’re being taken for granted. Consider giving shout-outs during team sessions. You can also mail out work swag, such as coffee mugs or shirts with the company logo on them, to workers who meet specific goals. The key here is to give them something to work toward.

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