Go Green with Evergreen

July 13, 2015 staplesadvantagecanada

Greener work places create greener learning spaces

How do your office product choices help create outdoor learning spaces? Filling your office with green supplies from our list of Eco Friendly products helps give kids more outdoor classrooms!

Staples Advantage is proud to partner with Evergreen for the fourth consecutive year. From April 22nd to July 30th, every $100 purchase of Eco Friendly products on eway.ca will help build outdoor classrooms with Evergreen. The money raised goes to Evergreen’s school greening program which helps schools create dynamic outdoor classrooms that provide students with a healthy place to play and learn.

Boy inspecting plants  Photos by Roseanne Berry (4)

(Photos by Roseanne Berry)

Evergreen is one of Canada’s leading funders of community and school greening projects. The Evergreen Learning Grounds program helps schools create outdoor classrooms to provide students with a healthy place to play, learn and develop a genuine respect for nature. Since the program began in 2000, it has provided funds to over 3,000 schools from coast to coast, providing countless opportunities for students to engage with nature on their school grounds.

Explore our great selection of green products, from toner to cleaning supplies you’ll find everything you need for a more sustainable business.

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