Easy Tips for Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

January 10, 2019 Staples Business Advantage

Compliment Day only comes once a year (January 24), but the spirit behind it can last year-round when you use it to build a positive workplace culture. According to the Harvard Business Review, positivity in the workplace helps reduce stress-related illnesses. It also cuts costs associated with illness, encourages engagement among employees and inspires loyalty among workers. Establishing a happy, healthy work dynamic doesn't have to expensive or complex. Here are some places to start.

Make Time to Build Relationships With Workers

A leader with a strict, authoritarian style may get workers to produce for a while, but that type of leader isn't going to inspire loyalty. To inspire loyalty and create the type of culture that boosts your company's bottom line, it helps to show your human side.

Avoid the kind of negative talk that belittles others, but let your employees know it's okay to talk to you about problems. Show compassion and make time to help with problems that have been brought to your attention.

Strive to Achieve Balance by Delegating Responsibility

A fine line exists between helping employees with problems in a negative or positive way. The key is to provide help that boosts each worker's sense of accomplishment. If it's something the worker doesn't know how to do, jump in and lead by example. Then, when that worker is trained, step back and let them shine. Giving well-trained workers the authority to make some decisions about how to get the work done creates a sense of ownership and generates pride in getting the job done correctly and on time.

Inspire Confidence Instead of Fear

Create a culture where your workers know you support them by putting a stop to negative talk. Don't engage in gossip about an absent worker's performance. Even if there is a problem with someone's work, discuss it directly and maturely with the person in question.

Focus on working together with the person or your team of workers to create proactive solutions. This gets the job done without creating stress and fear of being fired among your employees. When you're generous with praise and attention but gentle, creative and constructive with critiques about on-the-job performance, everyone wins.

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