Creating & Promoting Positive Office Culture

September 15, 2015 staplesadvantagecanada

Have you ever wondered how important a positive working environment is to your productivity levels? Let us give you a hint: it’s very important.

Over the last few weeks we’ve shared a number of findings from the 2015 Annual Workplace Index Survey, and it’s no surprise to learn that happy and engaged employees are more likely to be productive and loyal to their employers. But beyond providing employees with the proper tools and salary to keep them happy, promoting a positive workplace culture has proved to be equally important.

The Workplace Index results indicate that creating an environment conducive to effective teamwork is one of the most important factors in driving productivity. In addition, creating a positive and effective office culture plays an essential role in both maintaining high productivity, and minimizing staff churn.

So, how is good work culture defined?
Respondents who said they were “very happy” at work listed these top 7 factors as contributors to a positive working culture:

  • Open and collaborative work environment
  • Supportive co-workers
  • Freedom to make your own decisions
  • Strong leadership
  • Management supportive of associates in building their careers
  • Shared vision, goals and values
  • Providing flexibility to employees via flex schedules or telecommuting

End result: the happiest employees are not only more likely to be loyal to their employer, they are also likely to be the most productive.

What are you doing in your office to build and promote a positive culture?

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