Achieving Productive Work Meetings

March 27, 2018 staplesbusinessadvantagecanada

Meetings are an important part of a company culture, they showcase individual strengths and are a great opportunity for brainstorming sessions from all perspectives. Here are a few tips to improve the quality of the meeting and others time.

Cut the jargon

Businesses deal with complicated subjects and use jargon to simplify communication, but this can sometimes confuse your audience. New employees might not understand critical words or concepts, so providing a brief and simple background at the beginning of the meeting could be helpful.

If an employee uses too much jargon, then calmly explain why this can difficult, and work with them to adjust their vocabulary. Remember, it’s hard to change your word choice, especially if you’ve used the same vocabulary for years or decades – so be patient.

Hold fewer meetings

Anyone who has work meetings knows how easily they can waste time. All it takes is one talkative, overeager employee to sabotage a productive brainstorming session.

Many businesses don’t consider how much money they spend on each meeting. Stationary, hardware, and refreshments aren’t even their most significant investments, employees time.

Instead, understand why you are holding the meeting, and make sure to meet all of your goals by the end. If you are unsure, stop holding meetings until you can gather more data.

The key is to streamline meetings. Employees need to talk to each other to stay productive, and you can’t avoid all group discussions, they are healthy for the culture. You can however make sure every minute benefits your company and staff members.


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