A Detailed List Of Safety Signs At Work

Workplaces across Canada are beginning to reopen, although the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Business operators must carefully follow federal and provincial legislation and return-to-work guidelines. This includes disseminating information about the rights and responsibilities of employees.

It's essential that businesses post safety signs to remind employees, clients and customers to follow standard safety guidelines when it comes to hand hygiene, social distancing and PPE requirements as they return to the workplace. Every action needs to be clearly spelled out.

Posting Safety Signs Related to COVID-19 Prevention

Posting safety signs can help employees and those visiting your business adhere to the practices that help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Post signage to reinforce physical distancing of at least 2 metres (6 feet).
  • Display posters showing the correct method and time required to properly wash your hands.
  • Promote respiratory hygiene such as using tissues to cover coughs and sneezes and immediately throwing the tissue away.
  • Display the details of physical distancing plans throughout the business.
  • Display signage above hygiene stations where tissues and alcohol-based hand sanitizer are available.
  • Follow cleaning and disinfection guidelines and encourage frequent cleaning with appropriate signage in break rooms, restrooms, entrances, stairwells and elevators.

Develop a Signage Strategy

For a comprehensive signage strategy for your business, refer to the Staples Print and Signage Solutions resource online. The guide takes you through the types of materials to use for COVID-19 signs and messaging choices that allow you to concentrate on one message, such as handwashing and hygiene, or a mix of important COVID-19 prevention tips including PPE, social distancing and hygiene.

Best Materials to Use

PVC signs are easy to clean and durable for use throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Glossy paper signs provide professional, easy-to-read instructions that you can dispose of after use.

Coroplast backing of corrugated plastic lends depth to wall signs to make them more noticeable, while long-lasting styrene stands up to frequent cleaning in high-traffic environments such as restrooms and entrances.

Use vinyl to give your signs a customized look that conveys important messaging without sacrificing your professional interior design.

Effective signage can help your employees follow federal, territorial and provincial guidelines related to safety in the workplace. Displaying signs and posters conveys how seriously your organization takes the health and well-being of your employees and clients. In return, this helps everyone feel more comfortable with the return to business.

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