3 Christmas Movie Classics With Amazing Business Lessons

December 21, 2018 Staples Business Advantage

Watching Christmas movies is a favourite activity for many during the holiday season. While they all have their individual messages and themes, many Christmas movies also offer valuable business lessons and advice that company leaders and workers can learn from.

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1. Elf

Buddy the Elf does his best to spread Christmas cheer by “singing loud for all to hear” and other amusing antics in "Elf." But ingrained in Buddy's humour are some valuable business lessons. Consider these:

  • Throughout the movie, Buddy often says, “Smiling's my favourite!” It's important to remember that whether you're communicating via phone or face-to-face, smiling exudes positivity and makes others feel at ease.
  • Buddy treated every day like Christmas. Take this lesson and apply it to your team. This doesn't mean parties and gift-giving every day but giving generously of your affirmation, time, support and even constructive criticism to help them grow and succeed.

2. It's a Wonderful Life

In this classic Christmas movie, George Bailey discovers the hard way that the best riches in life aren't measured in dollars. While you may not get the do-over that George gets or have drinks in a bar with angels, you can take away some of this movie's valuable lessons.

  • Your employees will make mistakes, and you may be the one who has to put out the fire. When Uncle Billy loses the $8,000 he was supposed to deposit, he feels awful, but it's George who takes the fall and debates ending his life over the situation.
  • Your competitors can and likely will be ruthless. Henry Potter's business is the primary competitor of Bailey Building & Loan, and when offering George a job doesn't solve his problem, he resorts to thievery, stealing the $8,000 Uncle Billy hands him accidentally. And he doesn't do the right thing and give it back.

3. Scrooged

In this modern take on Charles Dickens's classic story "A Christmas Carol," "Scrooged" stars Bill Murray as a heartless TV executive who makes his staff work over Christmas in a desperate attempt to win the TV ratings war. An important business lesson to take from this movie is the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance. While working hard is important, it's also crucial to maintain good relationships with friends and family.

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